Latin Wedding Customs Explained

One of the best ways to produce a wedding memorable is to combine traditions that remember the bride-to-be or groom’s radiant culture. If you are planning a Latin wedding, you will discover a number of traditions you can incorporate with your ceremony and reception.

If you’re having a wedding in a chapel or an outdoor place, incorporating ethnic traditions with your wedding can certainly help bring the evening to life. Yet it’s important to choose which ones are right for you. «It’s OK to skip those that don’t meet with you, » says Lihat, who advises looking for small details to include on your big day, including food, music and some Spanish or Portuguese here and there on evidence, invitations as well as cake cake toppers.

While there are many Latin wedding customs to choose from, here are some of the most popular:

The se?al and cepo ceremonies can be a beautiful pre-marriage ritual absolutely especially popular in Spain, Mexico, and other parts of Latin America. On this part of the ceremony, los padrinos and las madrinas (the couple’s godparents) might drape a rosary or cord surrounding the necks of the bride and groom. The arras typically consists of 13 gold coins, that the groom symbolizes to his bride while an indication of his commitment to provide for her. The lazo is mostly a large shape eight wire that’s connected with the rosary and positioned by the padrinos or madrinas over the bride and groom, symbolizing the union.